Baseball Season

21 Mar

Colin is doing coach pitch this year and his season is off to a great start. Check out the two videos in the March Folder of when they introduced all of the players on the team at the first game and then a video of him batting.

Here is his entire team as they said The Pledge of Allegiance.

They rotate positions every inning and if they have too many players then they all get spaced out in the outfield. I absolutely love how green everything is and all of the trees around. The fields are also really nice with dugouts and they have older kids announcing during the game. My next investment is a nice comfy chair for the stands as the game is an hour and a half each game.

He said that he loves playing catcher because he gets so many balls. I’m hoping as the season continues the number of balls for the catcher will decrease. ;)

After his game on Saturday he received a token for a free ice cream cone downtown because the coach said he made so many great plays getting the runners out in the last inning. They pick one player each game and practice to get a token. We were all excited because it gave us a great excuse to go get ice cream one evening.

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