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A’s Game

3 May

Colin and I joined hundreds of other Little League players at the A’s Game last Sunday.

We got to walk around the outer edge of the field.

He was so excited to get to high five a professional ball player.

We sat next to his friend, Lucas and his family at the game.

We made it to the top of the 8th before jumping on the Bart and totally crashing. Colin had a really good time and so it looks like we will be taking in more ballgames in the near future.

Here are some A’s fans we ran into.

Colin’s 6th Birthday!

2 May

Well I have yet to figure out how to slow down time, so we had to celebrate Colin’s 6th birthday. He had one wild and crazy day as we had his party on the same day as his birthday.

Here is a recap of the day:

He started the day with Cinnamon Rolls and watching TV, per his request.

His class celebrated and he brought a new ball to donate to the classroom.

Then it was Party Time! The kids started out by getting their pictures taken, picking a secret agent name, and putting their fingerprints into their Spy Mission Passport.

Then they went on their next mission to making marshmallow guns while Brandon worked to upload the pictures and finish making their ID tags. After they finished each mission they got a stamp in their Passport.  (Thank you Papa for getting and prepping all of the supplies)

The next mission was to work as a team to pop all of the bombs.

That was one challenging mission!

The next mission required them to avoid touching the laser beams

and then to ring the bell to notify us that the mission was accomplished.

Next up was to hunt for characters that were on the most wanted list.

Then they had to use their marshmallow guns to get all the bad guys.

They all passed their missions and became official secret agents.

Pizza time!

Cake time! (Thank you Grammy for making a delicious ice cream sandwich cake)

Present time!

Some Slip and Slide fun!

Then a little surprise for the kids when all the adults came out with water balloons.

Some of Colin’s buddies.

I would say it was a day to remember! We all had a blast and Colin was thrilled.

You both deserved every ounce of that Margarita. Thank you so much for helping before, during, and after the party. We honestly couldn’t have pulled it off without your help.

Happy Birthday to a boy that amazes us more and more each day! We love you more than words will ever be able to express!

Easter Goodness

26 Apr

The evening before Easter we did some Egg Coloring.

We were at home for the morning and afternoon of Easter, before flying out for AZ, and so we were able to go to church in the morning and then come back for brunch and egg hunting.

Uncle Tim and Jeff did a great job hiding the eggs. ;)

Happy Belated Easter!

Easter Celebrations at School

28 Mar

I started out today at Colin’s school where they had special activities, treats, and an egg hunt.

Then I headed over to Sydney’s school where they had a chapel, sang some songs, candy hunt, and lunch.

Here is the video of her class singing. Once again sorry for the volume and the darkness. They were actually in a classroom for chapel because the electricity went out. I’m so glad that the timing of the activities for their schools worked out perfectly. I even had time to grab a Starbucks. ;)  I am so extremely thankful that I get to stay at home with them and be at all the activities their schools put on.

Dancing Raisins Project

25 Mar

Today as I dropped off Colin and his friend, David’s science project I discovered they were going to be sharing their project with the class and so luckily I got to stay and record it. It is hard to hear at times but I was so darn proud of them. The teacher turned to me after and said, “I can’t wait to see what he does when he grows up.” I think the same thing for both him and Sydney. He was so confident and knowledgeable for a kindergartener.

Grammy and Grandpa

25 Mar

While we were off in Vegas these two were having the time of their life with Grammy and Grandpa.

I have a feeling Colin and Sydney are going to want us to go out of town more often.  Thanks Grammy and Grandpa for coming out and spoiling them!


24 Mar

These are two of Colin’s friends that he has regular play dates with, Lucas and David.

Super Bowl Sunday

23 Mar

This is what our house looked like on Super Bowl Sunday:

Note to self and guests….. red or any other colored frosting dessert will be eaten outside rain or shine. ;)

Baseball Season

21 Mar

Colin is doing coach pitch this year and his season is off to a great start. Check out the two videos in the March Folder of when they introduced all of the players on the team at the first game and then a video of him batting.

Here is his entire team as they said The Pledge of Allegiance.

They rotate positions every inning and if they have too many players then they all get spaced out in the outfield. I absolutely love how green everything is and all of the trees around. The fields are also really nice with dugouts and they have older kids announcing during the game. My next investment is a nice comfy chair for the stands as the game is an hour and a half each game.

He said that he loves playing catcher because he gets so many balls. I’m hoping as the season continues the number of balls for the catcher will decrease. ;)

After his game on Saturday he received a token for a free ice cream cone downtown because the coach said he made so many great plays getting the runners out in the last inning. They pick one player each game and practice to get a token. We were all excited because it gave us a great excuse to go get ice cream one evening.

Rice Family

20 Mar

After visiting Disneyland we got to spend our last day hanging out with the Rice Family in LA.