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Scrapbook Weekend

29 Mar

A couple of weekends ago I got to go on a scrapbook weekend with several other ladies.  We rented a house along the coast and literally scrap booked from the time I got there on Friday afternoon until Sunday late morning with breaks to sleep for 7 hours, eating time, and a couple of walks.  It was perfect as it got myself to see that I may actually accomplish Sydney’s baby book.  As I walked around the neighborhood and drove to Sonoma to meet the family I was in awe again by how gorgeous this area is.

Here are some of my pictures along the way:

Luckily I was only 20 minutes away from Sonoma to meet these great people at the train park!

The Beast!

25 Feb

So this weekend I went to Ikea alone for a couple of hours…..scary I know. I came home with this fabulous cabinet and I’m now ready to begin scrap booking again after 2.5 years of putting it on hold. Thanks to my fabulous husband for sharing the garage with me and figuring out how to hang the beast!!!

Our Day Adventure

10 Jul

Brave Becky took all three kids one afternoon while Brandon and I enjoyed a day wine tasting around Livermore. We ended up at this really cool wine bar called Underdog which is right next door to Concannon Vineyard.

2011 Haboob

9 Jul

I added a new word to my vocabulary.  :)  Syd and I were enjoying a nice swim in the pool when I saw the giant wall of brown approaching our way very rapidly.  We called in to the boys and by the time they got outside it was time for us to be inside.  We turned off all the lights and opened the front blinds to watch the crazy storm and play some Candyland by candlelight.

Then the next morning I got to clean up the craziest mess I have ever had to clean up outdoors.  Thank goodness for masks!

Our pool cleaner stopped working a couple of weeks prior to the storm and so I guess it was time to force us to buy a new one.  :)  Our new one was working over time last night. :)


20 Mar

I realized that I had several videos I finished but never posted them and so here they are.

This was the parade at Colin’s Preschool.

Syd’s Big Day!

11 Oct

Well today was the official day of our little gal turning 1!!!  It has been a day and weekend full of fun, reminiscing, smiles, tears, and excitement.  She definitely brings  a  joy to our lives that is something that  can’t be described.  Lots of love birthday girl!

This was the face of what is going on? Why are you all staring at me and singing oh so wonderfully?!

The theme of this party was flowers, balloons, and climbing. Flowers goes with the theme in her room and balloons and climbing are two of her favorite things to do and play with.

Grammy made another incredible cake!

I guess you can see who did the blowing out this year. She was too busy making her wish. ;)

She wasn’t so sure about this cake thing but quickly discovered how delicious it was!

She was very into checking out all of her gifts and even helping open them.

Balloon war!

**** A ton of pics left in the Syd birthday folder.

Today for her actual birthday we spent the day at the zoo.

She loved the goats!

After her smooch and hug for the goat she hopped on and hoped to get a ride.

Colin was being protective of his little sister as he noticed this goat wasn’t very friendly. Love these two!

Thanks to all of my friends and family that made my first birthday very special for me!

Fishing Over the 4th

12 Jul

We spent the three day weekend away from the heat in Pinetop.  Colin experienced had some more firsts on this trip which made it even better.  On Friday morning Papa took us out on his fishing boat to catch some fish.  Here is how the journey went.

After B pushed and pushed, Papa decided to inform him that the straps on the back needed to be undone.

Apparently this isn’t the first time this has happened.

At least they both got a good laugh out of it.

After getting on the boat we were informed that each position on the boat had a job to do. Papa was the driver, the middle row was in charge of the net, and the back one helped with the anchor. After the first fish was caught I soon found out that the middle row was not the job for me. The net was fun when it was empty but as soon as a fish was suppose to go inside it I ran far, far away. The boys were very patient with me and my fears and B and I so calmly switched places on the boat.

Colin ended up catching the most fish! We stopped counting after 30 catches. :)

Here is Colin in the action

Here is B and I and our handy work.

We ended the day with the umbrella up and heading back to the dock. Colin did an awesome job and can’t stop talking about fishing.

To my loyal readers

2 Mar

I apologize for the lack of posts as of lately.  I have not been very motivated to blog and so I took a little break without announcing it.  My lovely Aunt reminded me again last night that she would sure love to see some posts so I have officially down loaded all of my pics off of the cameras and you should be seeing some more pics.  Thanks for continuing to check back.  Here we go!

Free Cloth Diapers

9 Jul

Enter to win some free cloth diapers. I have never used them before but I thought it would be a great gift for someone who would. Just click on the link below if your interested.

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Scrapbook Closet

1 Jul

Brandon and Toby showing off my scrapbook closet. If only they would turn around and get to work.