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Toby Love

12 Mar

So a little while back we went through a period of looking to give Toby away to another family. I still think at times our house would be cleaner, we would have less crying from knock overs and tail whipping, longer naps without shacking in the hallway or barking at nothing out the window but the darn dog really is good with the kids. They tug on his tail, ride on him, moves his lips around to pretend he is talking and Sydney enjoys sneaking in while he is eating and splashing in his water or moving pieces of his food into the water side and good ‘ol Toby just rolls with it. He really is a good dog.

Hi from Syd

21 Jul


19 Jun

Colin found himself a new belt thanks to Toby.

I was surprised that it was even loose on him.  I swear Toby is part horse.

Happy Birthday to Toby!

7 Jun

We even celebrated Toby’s birthday on May 19th.


9 May

Every week the art area changes.  This week it was shaving cream and cars.  Colin had to rinse his car off every time he felt like it was getting too dirty.  I would hate to see their water bill this month.  :)

Every other week the theme of the room would change.  One of the stations had a bunch of different shoes they could try on.

One of the dads brought in a snake they caught.

Colin was very fascinated with the snake and the conversation the adults were having about them. Colin would have really liked it if we could have taken him home with us. I’m afraid that is one thing that will never enter our house.

When Sydney was first born Brandon took off of work  to watch Sydney or take Colin to preschool.  But then she became a regular attender of his class.  Some days she would love watching the kids and other days she would take a little snooze.

Last week was the final week of parent taught preschool.  Colin really enjoyed himself and we can’t wait for him to start real preschool next year.  This is one of Colin’s highlights of the week and next year he will be going by himself twice a week.  I’m still not  too excited about the fact that he is already going to school even if it is for two days a week.

B on Fox 10 News

2 Apr

Check it out here: Fox 10 News

Our Evening Entertainment

3 Mar

New Toys

2 Mar

Now that Sydney can hold up her head really well she has been exploring with all different kinds of toys.  Our house officially looks like toy land.

This was always one of Colin’s favorite toys and it seems to be one of hers too.  It is a jumper that you hang in a door way.  She isn’t jumping yet but she has figured out that she can spin around and look in all different directions.

This is what Toby thinks about all of these toys taking over his floor space.


20 Feb

A picture to show that Toby still gets attention. :)

Toby’s Teeth

9 Apr

Colin finds it exciting to brush Toby’s teeth.  If only he thought the same about his own…


Toby of course loves it because he gets to just lick the toothpaste off when Colin does it.


I’m a big boy!