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4 Mar

We can’t say it enough of how well Toby and Colin get along. This was Colin using his creativity and chasing Toby all over the house.


“Look at the size of ball in my mouth!” “Top that Toby!”


You win Colin.

Bath 4 Toby

18 Nov

We couldn’t remember the last time we gave Toby a bath and so we figured he was due.


Colin was very helpful as you can see…. this is when Toby’s water all of a sudden turned extremely hot.


This was the look Toby was giving Colin. “Do you seriously have to mess with the temperature?”

Much better…. Lets stick to rinsing me off.


All dry!


Ok, it’s my turn!

Toby Chair

27 Oct

Colin found the best seat in the house.


It even comes with a back rest.


5 Sep

“Toby, is this what your tongue is suppose to look like when your drinking water out of the pool”


“Or is this more like it?”

Poor Toby

21 Jul

Toby is so good to Colin. He can poke, push, squeeze and he doesn’t even flinch.


Is that you under there Toby?

My Room

8 May

Toby’s Room has been over taken by Colin’s new toy. Who knows, maybe Toby is secretly camping out inside when we are gone.


Who wants to go first you or me dad?


I love these tunnels. Thanks Caden for the great gift!


The best part is that I get to end on Toby’s bed!

Poor Toby

26 Apr

Hey guys, look at me!


Colin gets all the attention around here.


Can you tell me if I have something in my nose?


5 Apr

Colin was exploring and discovered that we have a side yard. By the looks of it I’m sure you can see how child proof it is.


“Come see what I just found Toby!”


“I’m going back for more!”

Follow the Leader

4 Apr

Follow the leader.


“What’s wrong with follow the leader?”

Why does this make us laugh?

24 Sep

How often do you catch your dog with his eyes shut?