Change Cont.

26 Mar

So, I thought maybe sharing my thoughts on my change might help relieve some stress, which it did, and I would start seeing some more down time. Well, I blogged on last Monday. Then, on Wednesday I was called into my principal’s office. The numbers are low again at Porter and I had a choice between teaching 1st or 5th grade or the district could place me in another school. After a ton of drama within colleagues and the way the district is, it finally came down to 1st grade or another school. Another school would mean that they place you in whatever grade they need you in. And I’m sure all of this is in the best interest of kids. Anyway, on Friday, finally, my principal and I had another chat and I have decided to go to first grade. So this means a new curriculum, class, and colleagues. (Jeff, maybe you are right in that maybe it is a good thing that I’m emotionless.) I have had a great year in third grade and my principal is confident that I will not have any trouble in 1st grade. The big upset is that I have to leave one of my good friends Sarah. We were neighbors and we planned a lot together. I know that there is a purpose in all of this and time will only tell what all I will learn and grow from. Hey, maybe its one step closer to understanding younger kids for raising my own kids.

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