Colin’s First Lost Tooth

19 Jul

Wednesday was a very exciting day for Colin.  He lost his first tooth!  He came running out of his room with excitement screaming, “I lost my tooth!”

We quickly found some left over fabric and made a little pouch for his tooth to go in.  Then that night we read a story about a boy losing a tooth and the tooth fairy coming.  The tooth fairy seemed pretty generous as she left a dollar bill and note behind.

I came from a place far away high up in the clouds

I have a very important job amongst the fairies

I’ve come to collect your first baby tooth!

Losing your first tooth means something very special.  

It means you are getting bigger and growing up!

I came last night while you were sleeping.

I am very tiny.  So tiny you could never see me.

I was very impressed with how white your tooth was.

I hope you continue to brush twice a day and I

will be back to visit you when you lose another white tooth.

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