19 Mar

The kids experienced Disneyland for their second time and like last time they had a great time. We are looking forward to next year when hopefully Sydney will be tall enough to join in on all the rides Colin can.

It was fun to explore Cars Land. Colin lucked out as he got to go on Radiator Springs twice in a row because Sydney was not tall enough.

Sydney was so excited to wear her princess dress and meet some of them. I think you can tell by the look in her face from this picture. :) Her favorite ride again this year was the Little Mermaid. The people finally told us to just stay seated and they would send us through again without having to go get back in line.

I just like pictures with these goofy glasses. ;)

Colin has a list that goes on and on of his favorite rides….. Pirates of the Caribbean, The Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Star Tours, Winnie the Pooh, and Radiator Springs in Cars Land. I have never seen Colin walk so much without whining. He loves rides!

You can always guarantee this look after leaving Disneyland. These kids were pooped. I think Brandon and I should have taken a picture of us as I’m sure we looked pretty special too. We did have one of the days where it poured rain and then hailed on us. Of course we had to squeeze in a ride where we stood outside during that time and then the rest of the day was off and on sprinkles. It is very true that lines are way shorter or not existent when it is rainy and cloudy out at Disneyland. It was one nonstop day of off a ride and right on to another.

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