Fishing Over the 4th

12 Jul

We spent the three day weekend away from the heat in Pinetop.  Colin experienced had some more firsts on this trip which made it even better.  On Friday morning Papa took us out on his fishing boat to catch some fish.  Here is how the journey went.

After B pushed and pushed, Papa decided to inform him that the straps on the back needed to be undone.

Apparently this isn’t the first time this has happened.

At least they both got a good laugh out of it.

After getting on the boat we were informed that each position on the boat had a job to do. Papa was the driver, the middle row was in charge of the net, and the back one helped with the anchor. After the first fish was caught I soon found out that the middle row was not the job for me. The net was fun when it was empty but as soon as a fish was suppose to go inside it I ran far, far away. The boys were very patient with me and my fears and B and I so calmly switched places on the boat.

Colin ended up catching the most fish! We stopped counting after 30 catches. :)

Here is Colin in the action

Here is B and I and our handy work.

We ended the day with the umbrella up and heading back to the dock. Colin did an awesome job and can’t stop talking about fishing.

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