17 Apr

So testing week has finally ended and I have some rather funny stories to go along with it. Okay, maybe they really are not that funny, but just as I will be with my own kids, almost everything they do is funny. For those that have been out of elementary school for a while, they have this new test called AIMS for 3rd graders. It was so tough seeing little 3rd graders try to take a test for 4 days straight, with only about 2 hours without test-taking. Personally, I was bored out of my mind so you can only imagine how my students felt. So, to keep the kids from too much boredom, they get to chew gum. There are very strict rules while taking this test and so students are not allowed to get out of their seats. One of my little girls raised her hand and was covering her hair with her other hand. I went over and asked her how I could help her and she pointed to the gum in her hair. Holding back from laughing I kindly told her to just sit and relax and to try not to touch her hair. Then after this girl had gone to the nurse and the nurse put peanut butter in her hair to get it out, I had another gum incident happen during the second session. Out of the corner of my eye I see a huge bubble being blown up by another girl and then all of a sudden I heard it pop. It was all over her face. Trying not to attract too much attention I got the girl a wet paper towel and she cleaned herself off. She was in good humor though and we giggled together. Maybe gum really isn’t the best relaxation tool for test taking for 3rd graders.

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