Just Love It

2 Mar

So, my husband has told me that it is my responsibility to blog some stories about my classroom, etc. You and him will eventually notice that I’m not the best writer in the world. In fact, I would not have gotten through college english without his help. So I apologize for my lack of talent. Anyways, on with my story.

So, my students were in the process of writers workshop, where they are all on a different step that has to do with writing, and I had one student using the stapler to staple his final draft of his story. He was having difficulty using it and so he asked if I could help. After taking my feet off the desk and setting my Coke down, I decided to help the innocent child. ) I told the boy that he just needed to love it and I stapled his paper for him. I thought he went on his merry way, but he all of a sudden came back and said Mrs. Willey I keep loving it and I can’t seem to get it to work. Trying to refrain from laughing hysterically, I helped him out again and jotted this lovely story in my teaching memories journal.

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