Monkeys Out

27 May

Like my dad always says, schools out, schools out, teachers let the monkeys out! Yep, it’s true I’m off for the summer. I had a great class and I was very sad to see them go. To close off the year I made a video of pictures of my students throughout the year and each student got a copy. We watched the video the last day and half of the class had tears in their eyes, including their teacher. Summer plans include, Brandon and I are going to Wisconsin/Chicago in the beginning of June and I’m going to Illinois the day after the 4th of July. Other then those vacations planned I just plan on watching my niece one day a week and trying to finish my ESL endorsement by taking a Spanish class. I have not written a lot on our blog, but a lot has gone on with the Porter drama. After many meetings with my principal and having colleagues stick up for me, I’m finally going to continue teaching 3rd grade. I was very relieved to hear the final decision that he made because I had been thinking to myself that I may need to re-evaluate if I should stay at Porter by the way that I have been treated this year. As much as I was sad to see the school year end, I’m also excited for next school years challenges. Rumor has it that it is a rough bunch coming up to third grade.

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