Mother’s Day

25 May

We had a very similar Mother’s Day as last years and once again I enjoyed it so much that I’m ready to repeat it again next year.

Actually it started a few days before with Sydney’s school having a lunch for the moms.

Sydney was so excited to give me a rose and a picture of her with a frame that she had decorated.

Both Colin and Sydney filled out a paper about me and I absolutely loved them. They know me pretty well. ;)

and now onto THE day…..

After having breakfast in bed and Brandon surprising me with getting HGTV for me for Mothers Day, oh and I guess that means we have other cable channels, we went along the coast and picked strawberries.

We got enough that we just had to make chocolate covered strawberries with some of them.

We then ate lunch at one of our favorite fish and chip places along the coast. We were planning on hanging out at the beach but it ended up being a little chilly, so instead we drove up the coast and stopped anywhere someone thought it would be fun to stop. So we pulled off to watch wind surfers, a barn, tasted some oils, Starbucks, and

along a creek. I absolutely loved the randomness of the day and getting to explore some new areas for us.  Thank you to 3 amazing people in my life that make me feel special each and every day.


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