potluck and poetry

31 Mar

This is hosted at Andrea and I’s home, but for ease of reproduction here’s the promo as posted on Tim’s blog :


Yo guys. This one is for everyone who lives in AZ. Me and couple friends are going to be hosting an in-home potluck spoken word poetry event. And we want everyone to come. The poetry will be spoken by an awsome guy named Bradley Hathaway. Check him out at www.thebradley.net . If any of you can please help support us in putting on this gig that would be awsome. Its free so there are no money excuses. Here are the details.

April 6th @ 7:00 PM

Where -
2252 E. Softwind Dr.
Phoenix AZ, 85204

What to bring -
Its a potluck…..so something with pot….ok not really, but do bring food to share with people.

What can you do to help -
First – Post this info on your own blog for everyone to see
Second – Word of mouth Advertising
Third – Other forms of communication to tell of this event

Guys I really do believe in this guy and the ministry he has to offer. This will be an amazing experience and I don’t want you guys to miss out on it. See you all there.

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