9 May

Every week the art area changes.  This week it was shaving cream and cars.  Colin had to rinse his car off every time he felt like it was getting too dirty.  I would hate to see their water bill this month.  :)

Every other week the theme of the room would change.  One of the stations had a bunch of different shoes they could try on.

One of the dads brought in a snake they caught.

Colin was very fascinated with the snake and the conversation the adults were having about them. Colin would have really liked it if we could have taken him home with us. I’m afraid that is one thing that will never enter our house.

When Sydney was first born Brandon took off of work  to watch Sydney or take Colin to preschool.  But then she became a regular attender of his class.  Some days she would love watching the kids and other days she would take a little snooze.

Last week was the final week of parent taught preschool.  Colin really enjoyed himself and we can’t wait for him to start real preschool next year.  This is one of Colin’s highlights of the week and next year he will be going by himself twice a week.  I’m still not  too excited about the fact that he is already going to school even if it is for two days a week.

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