Toby Love

12 Mar

So a little while back we went through a period of looking to give Toby away to another family. I still think at times our house would be cleaner, we would have less crying from knock overs and tail whipping, longer naps without shacking in the hallway or barking at nothing out the window but the darn dog really is good with the kids. They tug on his tail, ride on him, moves his lips around to pretend he is talking and Sydney enjoys sneaking in while he is eating and splashing in his water or moving pieces of his food into the water side and good ‘ol Toby just rolls with it. He really is a good dog.

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  1. Great G'pa & G'ma March 13, 2011 at 11:43 am #

    While he may be a pain sometimes, we’ll be the kids would miss him too much, and soon they’d want another dog, don’t you think? Dogs teach the kids a little bit of “give & take” that they need.

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